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ACW-Newsletter-May 2019

Alano Club West

Newsletter May 2019

Love and Service Since 1974


We are celebrating 45 years in love and service to alcoholics, addicts and their families.  Please join us for a BBQ fundraiser on Saturday June 8th from 2 to 6PM featuring three live bands!  Food will be served at 3PM and there will be a 3 person panel speaker meeting at 6PM focusing on the history of AA.  We will be serving tri-tip, burgers and sides.  Tickets are just $20 for members and $25 for guests. Hot dogs for the kids are free and there will be a bounce house.   Café Gratitude Recovery Store is having their grand opening and offering a 20% to ACW members! Get your tickets before they sell out on the website, at the club, or on our Facebook page.  Be on the lookout for information on other upcoming fundraisers.  There is a golf tournament coming up June 23rd.  Pick up fliers at the club or check the Facebook page and the website.  We are in the planning stages for fun and exciting things and we would love your input and service!

The flowers are blooming and so are we!  We are experiencing new growth in our membership like we have not seen in years.  It is almost time to fire up the barbeque and have some popcorn while watching an outdoor movie. If you haven’t been by yet, swing by and catch a meeting and have some coffee and a snack.

The updated meeting schedule can be found on the website at  We have many open slots for new meetings, and we have invited other groups to start meetings in some of the other rooms.  If you have a group that is looking for a new home please let us know.   Please consider moving into service in this time of regrowth for the club.  There are MANY available services positions and our board meetings are the third Thursday of every month at the club at 6PM.

Our search for a permanent location still continues, so please keep your eyes and ears open and keep ACW in your daily prayer and meditation that the perfect location presents itself!  While we would love to say we are done, we do not know if that day will ever arrive. I personally hope it never does. That would mean we have ceased to grow.

Please stop by and see our volunteers Mary Jo and Cory.  They have corndogs, hamburgers, snacks and sodas for sale.  Mary Jo has a signup sheet for volunteers if you are looking for a service position. The hours we are open are on the website and Facebook page.


Visit our website and Facebook page and drop us a note so we have your updated email address.  Going forward we would like to be able to send the newsletter and other information via internet instead of traditional snail mail. The website is:   the Facebook page is Alano Club West and the email address is  If you paid your annual dues when we opened 6 years ago in August it is time to renew them.  You can do that right on the website or at a meeting, just slip your dues in an envelope along with your email address, name, phone number and mailing address. Please check the website for meeting times and club updates. You can also contact any of your board members and they can direct you, they are listed on the ACW website and you can conveniently click on them to email them directly!



This is a great opportunity at a most exciting and challenging time. If you want to be part of the new ACW, please join us.


“They came to scoff but stayed to pray”. Until next time.



In love and service,


Jody W.

1 comment on “Alano West Newsletter

  1. Gary Easthouse says:

    I’ve been a lifetime member for over 20 years and haven’t received the newsletter sent out monthly. Please add me to your e-mail list.
    I attend the Saturday morning 8:30 meeting and hope we will be able to attend a ‘full’ meeting in the near future. I drive 50 miles every Saturday (pre Zoom) to the meeting and will have difficulty trying be part of the first 42 when we start again. I’m sure the board will continue to do a service to the community with proper health department restrictions.

    Thanks for your service.
    Gary Easthouse

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